Run with Scissors

The term “Running With Scissors” lends itself well in the world of rapidly changing IT deployments and operations.  It lends itself well when navigating chaotically through a parenting experience, or even the holiday season, for that matter.  We all teach our children “Don’t run with scissors!!!”.  Obviously, right….we don’t want to encourage falling aimlessly onto sharp objects.  Sometimes we have to run with scissors.  Sometimes the only way we can be everything to everyone, including ourselves, is to run with those same scissors we were warned about.

One of my favorite woman powerhouses in technology is Sheryl Sandberg. She is incredible – look her up right now, and sit in awe as you uncover how incredible a woman can be professionally.  Sandberg coined the logic “Lean In“, which essentially prompts women to put on their big girl panties and command a place at the table.  When you attempt to cross that logic over to life as a whole, including that which our entire lives are comprised of, you get my version, “Run with Scissors”.  We are to lean in.  We are to run with scissors in a brilliant effort to navigate to greatness. We are to grab a glass of wine and put the scissors down when we need to, but we are to always, always move with purpose.  The scissors, well, they represent the purpose we harness.

When I speak of running with scissors I want to be very clear – I am not being literal, nor am I suggesting we dive haphazardly into our daily regime. The world is a crazy place.  I don’t need a desperate housewife to have a scissor episode while wrapping Christmas presents.  Please. To run with scissors is to be acutely aware of the choices presented to us at all times, and their correlating consequences. Some days those choices pay off and sometimes they don’t.  I’d be lying if I said that anyone I personally know has their shit together.  I certainly don’t.  Yesterday I drove over 50 miles to work with a pair of kitchen shears on the hood of my truck.  Mind BLOWN.  I literally was driving with scissors, HAAA!  Today I am running with scissors by multi-tasking like the blonde ninja I was born to be; working from home, adoring my toddler as she sneaks in kisses, aggressively figuring out the grocery list, and writing this entry.  Don’t give up.

Move with purpose. Think with purpose.  Be effective. As I say to my teenager each morning, “Make Good Choices. Change the World!”.  How will you be deliberate in your actions today?



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